Collagen Wrinkle Fillers - Effective Treatment Or Latest Hype?

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For those of you who pay attention to the latest products in the industry have seen an increase in the number of companies that are now releasing collage wrinkle fillers and other wrinkle fillers as the latest wrinkle treatment.  These treatments are not new by any means, but their recent release  by some of the large wrinkle cream companies has the average consumer considering it as a treatment for them.  The author examines collagen wrinkle fillers and other wrinkle fillers in an attempt to better understand the effectiveness of these treatments. 

Wrinkle fillers are not a new concept in anti aging, in fact, many consumers have been using wrinkle fillers that are injected into their skin for a while.  These injections have been popular as well as effective for quite some time, with some results able to last for as long as 12 months.  But it is not these types of fillers that are now being sold to consumers.  Companies have created topical wrinkle fillers, in other words, they have created creams and serums designed to fill the wrinkle.  These temporary result products are applied to lines around the mouth or eyes as consumers see fit.  Marketed as the latest rage in anti aging treatments, these collagen fillers are now going main stream with the large companies pushing them with full force.

With all the attention being given to these products, very few people are asking for or examining the clinical studies of these products.  What they would find if they would have taken a look is a product that expands and fills wrinkles on a temporary basis, a product that barely even makes the results visible in the mirror.  Sure, the products produce a certain level of production, but none significant enough to warrant a visible change in your skin.  And products that lack quality, as these ones do, one must examine whether or not the manufacturers knew the results would be so poor, and that they are simply taking advantage of consumers.

Make no mistake about it, a major brand of cosmetics and anti aging products has the ability to know whether or not a product is effective.  Balance that with the fact that the anti aging industry is at an all time high in popularity and you have the perfect opportunity for misconduct.  Now I am not making any direct claims or anything of the like, but it does beg consideration.  When companies have an opportunity to promise consumers to look years younger, they are likely to buy.  That means that companies should be held somewhat accountable for the results that their products provide.

The best wrinkle cream companies will publish their clinical studies and their testing right there on the website.  You should be able to read about the active ingredients and in what concentration they are formulated.  These are two of the most important factors in the effectiveness of the product.  If the active ingredients product results in clinical studies, they will produce results when you use them.  Any product or brand that is unwilling to provide this information to their consumers, is worthy of suspicion in my book.  Take the time to look at the reviews of the best wrinkle creams, you will not find products like wrinkle fillers there, what you will find is high quality, well formulated, highly effective wrinkle creams that will deliver long term, lasting results.  After all, if you are going to treat your wrinkles, you might as well actually heal them at the same time.

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Collagen Wrinkle Fillers - Effective Treatment Or Latest Hype?

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This article was published on 2010/03/29